2022 Fire Instructor of the Year

MFSI is proud to announce the Deputy Chief Marc Bellefeuille State Fire Instructor of the year award was presented  at the MFCA Annual Conference to:

Senior State Fire Instructor Darren Woods.

Instructor Woods has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to serving Maine’s fire service by teaching and encouraging others to improve themselves and/or their organization in pursuit of excellence. The Instructor of the Year Award recognizes his extraordinary accomplishments in fire service training and education.
The awardee shall meet the following criteria:
  • Has shown commitment to furthering the cause of the fire service through training
  • Has demonstrated creativity and innovation to fire training programs
  • Has served as a positive model for other instructors and firefighters
  • Has advanced the cause of firefighter safety through training
  • Has gone beyond the call of duty in training
Darren is a third generation State Fire Instructor who has been instrumental in assuring programs are managed in a manner consistent with MFSI’s mission. He has worked with many departments in Aroostook County to recruit and grow fire service instructors. We all thank Darren for his hard work and dedication to MFSI and the Maine Fire Service as a whole. He is a true professional and a strong advocate for fire training.
Darren Woods
North Lakes Fire-Rescue, Fire Chief
Aroostook County Emergency Management, Director