Live Fire Training Facilities Program

In July of 2017, following several years of collaborative research, the Maine Fire Protection Services Commission released their comprehensive report on Regional Live Fire Training Facility Needs. In 2020, after the successful passing of LD 1845 and implementation of Public Law, Chapter 444, Section 3, 20-A MRSA § 9004, Maine’s fire service community began the process of updating and enhancing our States training facilities. The grant program LD 1845 created, and the funding authorized for it, allowed us to complete the renovation of one facility, the replacement of a second, and the construction of two new live fire training facilities. This is the first step in reaching our goal of establishing a NFPA compliant Live Fire Training Facility within an hours travel time of 90% of Maine’s firefighters. We urge your continued support as we work to fund critical updates, replacement, and expansion of Live Fire Training Facilities in under-served areas of Maine.

To learn more, visit the Maine Fire Protection Services Commission’s website.