Training Trailers

EVOC Trailer (3)

Description: These trailers are designed for the trained fire instructor to use for setting up and delivering the field driving course. They include cones and other lane marking pylons. The trailer materials work in conjunction with the VFIS (Volunteer Fire Insurance Service) Emergency Vehicle Operators Course. You must hold MFSI/VFIS Train-the-Trainer certification in order to deliver the program and submit for certification.

MFSI Instructor Required: No, permitting you or someone within your organization holds a current MFSI/VFIS Train-the-Trainer certification.
Monthly Schedule: None
NOTE: Prop is available year round

Each EVOC trailer includes:
20 – EVOC Course Books
120 – Traffic Cones 28″ tall
4 – Traffic Barrels
Safety Vest
Training Ahead signes
25′ Tape measure
300′ Tape Measure
Marking Paint

For information about VFIS programs, please visit their website. For more information about MFSI’s EVOC trailers, please contact the MFSI Support Services Division at

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