About Us

Director’s Message

To the Fire Service Professionals of Maine,

Maine Fire Service Institute (MFSI) is a division within Southern Maine Community College.  Since 1948 MFT&E, now MFSI, has served as the primary organization dedicated to training firefighters throughout Maine.  Currently, with a full-time staff of 10 and a cadre of 100 instructors all over the State of Maine, MFSI produces a variety of programs in regions around the State of Maine to meet the demands by the local fire chiefs.

Complementing the program delivery, MFSI also serves as the certification entity for all firefighter programs.  MFSI accomplishes all this by fostering partnerships and collaborating with local departments, regional programs, the Fire Science Programs of SMCC & EMCC and other state agencies, such as the Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Maine Bureau of Labor.

Please take time to look through the catalog, explore this website, and like us on Facebook. Programs change and are updated continuously.  If we are not offering a program you would like to have delivered, let us know; it may be something we can look at doing in the future. These programs, along with National Fire Academy Programs that we offer as an extension of the NFA, are here for you.  If there is an NFA program you would like to see delivered, again, please let us know, and we will do what we can to get it delivered here in Maine.

If you have a question, please call us — there is a full staff directory list here. We are here to help and assist our states treasured resource of fire officers and fire fighters alike, who dedicate their time and energy protecting the Pine Tree State habitants and infrastructure from the hazards of fire.

With much respect and admiration,

Jim Graves
Director, MFSI

Mission Statement

The mission of the Maine Fire Service Institute is to assist in the development of skills and abilities in support of Maine’s Fire Service at the local, regional and state level in collaboration with the Fire Chiefs of Maine.

Vision Statement

Partnering with the Fire Chiefs, Maine Fire Service Institute shall focus on customer service, quality, and safety. MFSI shall collaborate to deliver standardized and integrated training and education by leveraging technology, innovation and funding opportunities to meet the needs of a dynamic Fire Service.