Fire Fighter Certification

MFSI has a history of providing ProBoard accredited certification examination, including Fire Fighter I&II.  This certification is the basis of all future firefighter certification programs.  No firefighter shall attain higher State certification without first completing at least an approved Fire Fighter I&II course.

Please call 207-844-2070 for upcoming MFSI Fire Fighter I&II Academy.

For area County Programs, please call: Walter Morris 207-205-2762 Southern Maine Region or Frank Hammond 207-852-8286 for Northern Maine Region information.

Fire Fighter I & II Course Requirements

Applicants seeking certification as a Fire Fighter I&II must show documentation of having met the minimum requirements for Fire Fighter I certification according to NFPA Standard 1001 latest standard.  Certification is granted to those individuals who have met the required qualifications and successfully pass the certification examinations.

Certification Exams and Skill Tests

Applicants have one year from the time of course completion to finish the certification process. Learn more about the Exams and Skill Tests here.

All qualifications must be met and documentation supplied to Maine Fire Service Institute (MFSI) 2 weeks prior to admission to any examinations. Anyone desiring to participate in certification testing needs to contact Deputy Director Jim Roy at 207-844-2076 for more information.  Walk-ons are not permitted.

Required Curriculum

MFSI uses Jones & Bartlett Curriculum for all Fire Fighter I&II Programs.  Contact Jones & Bartlett for purchases.