Fire & Life Safety Educator Certification

Pine Tree Burn Foundation and the Maine State Fire Marshall’s Office are partnering in development and delivery of Fire Life Safety Educator I.  MFSI is facilitating certification and record management for this program.  This program is currently under development and Pro Board certification is pending but not guaranteed.

Fire Life Safety Educator Course Requirements

  1. Applicant must successfully complete an approved Fire Life Safety Educator program according to NFPA 1035 latest standard and provide verification of successful completion of the course and all required practical skills.
  2. Courses must be taught by an instructor who is approved by MFSI. The Lead Course Instructor must have taken the Fire Life Safety Educator Class, and must hold a Fire Instructor I certificate (or higher or equivalent).  The Lead Instructor is responsible for scheduling and any other certified instructors and record keeping for the course.  Assisting Instructors must meet the same requirements as the Lead Instructor.
  3. Fire Life Safety Educator courses will be delivered by approved institutions and organizations meeting the guidelines of MFSI.
  4. The course content will meet the appropriate objectives outlined in NFPA 1035 latest standard.
  5. Training records for the course shall be maintained by the Lead Instructor of the course and by MFSI. All progress charts must be completed, including presentations prior to taking the written.

All qualifications must be met and documentation supplied to Maine Fire Service Institute (MFSI) prior to admission to any examinations.

Certification is granted to those individuals who meet the required qualifications and successfully pass the certification examinations.

Certification Exams

Applicants have one year from the time of course completion to finish the certification process.  Learn more about the Exams and Skills Tests here.

Anyone desiring to participate in certification testing needs to have progress charts accompanied by a Training Completion Affidavit submitted to the Certification and Curriculum Manager no later than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled written or skills examination.  Walk-ons are not permitted.

Required Curriculum

MFSI uses Jones & Bartlett Curriculum for all Fire & Life Safety Educator I Programs.  Contact Jones & Bartlett for purchases.