Certification Exams & Skill Tests

Information Background

Maine Fire Service Institute offers written and skills testing at different locations throughout the State.

Requirements and pre-requisites to test are spelled out in the Certification and Testing Policy Procedures Manual and in each of the individual certificate level booklets.  All progress charts and program elements must be completed prior to testing and reviewed by the Certification Training Program Manager.  All qualifications must be met and documentation supplied to Maine Fire Service Institute (MFSI) 2 weeks prior to admission to any examinations.

Individual program coordinators need to plan at least 30 days in advance to schedule exams.  Skills exams are on a first come first serve and have a limit as to how many can test at any one skills exam.

Candidates who are part of a Local or Regional program do not need to register as this is taken care of by individual program coordinators.

Photo Identification is required at all exams and NO WALK-ON test takers are allowed.

Applicants have one year from the time of the course completion to finish the certification process.

Anyone desiring to participate in certification testing should contact MFSI at 207-844-2074 or via email for more information.

Required Curriculum

MFSI uses Jones & Bartlett Curriculum for its programs.  Contact Jones & Bartlett for purchases.