Recent Changes to NFPA Codes

We here at MFSI feel that it is important to share the following information with code officials and local fire chiefs, as we were recently notified that the NFPA codes listed below have been updated.

One item of importance is with respect to the NFPA 1 2018 Fire Code as it now addresses Marijuana facilities (Chapter 38 Marijuana Growing, Processing, or Extraction Facilities which spells out the requirements for growing, production, and extraction of Marijuana).  Specifically, NFPA 1: 38.6 covers the processing or extraction code requirements.  Because the State Fire Marshals Office does not review for Storage or Industrial facilities (unless it is adjacent to another occupancy type), it falls under the purview of the local CEO or Fire Officials to review and enforce these new occupancies.


Other codes which have been updated include:


NFPA # 1, Uniform Fire Code, 2018 edition.

The following chapters and sections of NFPA #1, Uniform Fire Code, shall not be incorporated in the State of Maine:

Chapter 13, section shall be removed with no substitution.

The following chapter and section shall be amended to read:

Chapter 13, section 3.2.3 New buildings housing emergency fire, rescue or ambulance services shall be protected throughout by approved supervised automatic sprinkler systems. Sprinklers shall be permitted to be omitted from emergency fire, rescue or ambulance services that are storing vehicles or equipment only and are not part of a multiple mixed occupancy.

NFPA 72:

NFPA # 72 National Fire Alarm And Signaling Code, 2019 Edition

NFPA 101:

NFPA # 101, Life Safety Code, 2018 edition  Specific provisions of the Life Safety Code have been excluded to avoid conflict with the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code, and several provisions have been modified to make the provisions specific to Maine.  See Chapter 20 Fire Safety in Buildings and Structures for more details. This chapter also includes rules governing portable classrooms and indoor and special pyrotechnic events

NFPA 80:

NFPA #80, Standard for Fire Doors and other Opening Protectives, 2019 edition

NFPA 220:

NFPA #220, Standard on Types of Building Construction, 2018 edition

NFPA 221:

NFPA # 221, Standard for High Challenge Fire Walls, Fire Walls and Fire Barrier Walls, 2018 edition

NFPA 241:

NFPA #241, Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations, 2019 edition.


Have a safe day!

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