The Bugle’s Echo (Jan/Feb) 2024

Happy New Year!

May 2024 be a year of great forward progress and keep you safe from the hazards of the job. I hope you all enjoyed a safe and happy holiday season. As we welcome in 2024, we can be sure that it will be yet another full year of firefighter training all across the great State of Maine. Here at MFSI, we are planning on making some adjustments in our current training model as allowed, and hope to find new and exciting pathways into the future. Our goal is to provide a number of programs regionally in population hubs across the state to meet the current demand for Fire Instructor and Fire Officer programs. MFSI aims to continue making improvements to our delivery models and communications, so that fire service professionals across the state can plan their trainings and certification progression in order to reach their career goals. For those with limited funds, MFSI offers the Peter Rines Memorial Scholarship Award for Fire & Emergency Services Instructor and Fire Officer programs.

For more info, visit  Let’s all work together and make 2024 a successful year in fire training.

– Director Jim Graves

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